Parasites in your system can be a big setback in your health, thus affecting your regular routine and day to day lifestyle. This is when products like Fitobalt come to your rescue. A cup of this tea on a regular basis is sure to keep the parasites at bay and ensure you are healthy.

So wondering how you could possibly get these parasites? Here is how:

  • If you have been travelling a lot and especially to countries where hygiene is poor and diseases are rampant
  • If you have been in close contact with infected animals
  • If you have eaten food or meat that has not been cooked properly as raw meat tend to carry a number of these parasites
  • A food poisoning episode could have left some parasite back in your system
  • If you have been to areas infested with such infections
  • By drinking contaminated water

How Do You Know

There are many warning signs and symptoms that can tip you off about a possible parasitic infection in your body. Some of them include

  • Digestive issues
  • Change in appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Grinding teeth
  • Inability to sleep well
  • Mood swings

What To Do

Ok, so you suspect an infection. What is the next step? Getting tested. Doctors prescribe a stool test which will help them determine what type of parasite is in your body and will give medications accordingly. This will help fight the parasite and regain your health and energy.

Conventional stool tests are what doctors usually prescribe. However, comprehensive stool tests can throw more light on the problem at hand.

Why Fitobalt

Fitobalt has a number of products under its name that can not only help you fight these unwanted parasites away but can help you lead an overall healthy life too. Some of the other products you can try are:

  • BetaVuSan – This is for improving your cardiovascular health. It is made out of beetroot juice, hence combining the good taste and properties of this pink vegetable. It helps improve anemia too.
  • Kumat – If you are suffering from chronic inflammation or even trauma, this product made from apple, green tea, curcumine and milk thistle extracts is an all natural supplement. It mobilizes the protective system of the body during an illness.
  • BetaHEP EXTRA – Diagnosed with a fatty liver? This dietary product made out of beetroot juice can enhance the intestine function and help with the functioning of the liver.



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