Have you ever seen advertisements about organic foods and wondered why it costs so much more than the regular foods you get at the store? Here are a few key differences between a regular product at the store and the organic variant:

Conventional Food

The conventional food is what you get at your local supermarket or store. Be it fruits, vegetables, pulses, meat or even sugar, these are processed to look the way they do in those attractive packages.

These foods are processed using chemicals, the fertilizers used in growing these produce is rich in chemicals too. As a result, the food you consume has toxic components embedded in it, which eventually result in health issues according to a number of studies.

However, a lot of these chemicals can be washed off before you eat the fruits or vegetables, but not completely. These chemicals are used to stimulate growth and get a better harvest. Plants need that extra dosage of chemicals to fare well in the changing weather conditions.

Organic Food

Organic food, on the other hand, is grown naturally. No chemical fertilizers are used to accelerate growth, hence the final product when compared to the fertilized crops, is less. As a result, the organic farmers invest the same amount as the no n organic farmers but get lesser produce in return.

This is the main reason for the difference in price. These farmers have to average out their investment over little produce, hence they cost more. On the consumer front, we get a better quality product, rich in natural nutrients minus the chemicals and harmful pesticides that can help it grow.

Which Is Better?

So which is a better option? For those who believe conventional food is the better choice because it fits within your budget, think again. When you buy food rich in such chemicals, you need to invest in water and other solutions to wash off the harmful chemicals. Then come the health issues which will eventually need medical intervention, not to forget the decrease in benefits offered.

Ne may consume pulses because they are rich in protein and other essential nutrients, but if the chemicals are going to strip away this goodness from the produce, you are paying more money for lesser goods.

It is always better to give a new idea a try. If organic food is a new concept to you and you are not sure about where to buy it from, Stile Bio is the place to start. With events organized where such organic foods are sold, you will not only get enough varieties to choose from but can also learn more about the food you and your family consume.



Organic Vs. Conventional Food