It does not have to be winter or autumn to catch a cold. With the onset of every season, at least one member of the family is down with flu, cough or cold. However, resorting to allopathic medicines each time you fall sick might improve your health condition, but this will only provide a temporary relief and will weaken your immune system altogether.

Point to Remember: “Whatever you do, the virus that causes the cold will only last a period of 5-7 days”. Hence, whether you take antibiotics or not, your condition will naturally improve within a week. Thus, instead of weakening your immune system and preventing it from fighting infections, allow it to strengthen so that the next time you fall sick, your body will automatically fight the disease for you.

Here are some tips using natural products from your kitchen counter to help you protect your body in those 5-7 days.

  • Drink lots of fluids. The best way is to keep sipping a cup of warm water regularly. Fluid intake will help flush out toxins or viruses naturally.
  • Have hot soups, especially vegetable, chicken or mutton. Soups again add to your fluid intake and provide your body with energy and nutrition needed to fight the disease.
  • Inhale 2-3 times a day. Steam inhalation loosens the phlegm present in the body and allows it come out naturally. It also prevents congestion of the nose and lungs.
  • Running nose is a good thing. It is better to have a running nose than a blocked nose when you are suffering from a cold as this lets out the mucus stuck up in your head in the most natural way.
  • Have cinnamon mixed with honey to get quick relief from

A cough, on the other hand, takes a bit longer than the usual 5-7 day theory. Here are some natural ways to soothe that irritating cough.

  • Make your own cough syrup by mixing equal amounts of lemon juice, ginger juice, and Have a spoon of this mixture every time you a cough. This is one of the most natural liquid lozenges you can make by yourself.
  • You can also try some cough reliving powdered combinations such as equal portions of powdered rock sugar, powdered cumin seeds, and powdered pepper.
  • A glass of milk with a teaspoon of turmeric powder is known to provide relief against a cough.
  • You can also make your own cold relief liquid balm. Heat coconut oil by placing it over hot water, add a small piece of camphor to the hot oil and allow it to dissolve. Apply this to your chest and throat when it is warm. It is effective against a cough and cold.

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