Even though you have a great script, finding people to invest in your project is a tough job. It involves endless hours of networking. And if you are successful in meeting the right people, your next task is to convince them to finance your project.

The movie business is very challenging and comes with a number of risks. Let’s say you’re up to shooting a remake of the ‘Harvey’ movie. You may be looking to raise money with Quantum Code as scouting for people who are ready to invest can often lead to a dead end. But below are some of the avenues you can explore to find movie investors who are willing to take the risk.

Nightclub and restaurant investors

People who invest in restaurants and night clubs usually have a high risk profile. They are more likely to be will willing to collaborate with film makers if they see potential in the script.

If you already have them as part of your social network, then approach them with an exciting offer and urge them to invest now.

If not, hang out in the most famous restaurants and night clubs in your city. Set up a meeting with the investors and try to woo them by showing how their business can gain more visibility by being part of your movie project.

Startup investors. Hence

One thing common between the movie business and start up is the high degree of uncertainty. Hence people who partner with startup businesses can be cajoled to invest in movies as well.

Hence in order to meet startup investors to finance your project, one must frequent local entrepreneurial meetings and conferences.

Such events not only offer an opportunity to build your network which is a pre requisite for success but will also help you find your film producer.


Why not? Every city has them. Philanthropists donate large parts of their wealth in community building initiatives like gardens, parks, schools, museums etc.

If your movie plot delivers a social message then approaching a philanthropist who appreciates creativity is an option worth exploring.


One can find names of the cast and crew members of any TV show or movies on the IMDB website. This is a great pool of information that can be used to find prospective investors.

Though this approach may not guarantee results, it is definitely a start. You can begin by searching for movies that have a similar title and budget as your upcoming movie and then look for the producers section. Among the various people listed, independent film investors are your best bet.


As people in the movie business are most concerned about the risk factor, you can mitigate the risks with the help of crowdfunding.

Through crowdfunding you can not only get a number of people to finance your movie but also endorse your project. Having a successful campaign under your belt gives you more leverage as it demonstrates that your movie has generated a lot of buzz.

Though you may not be able to finance your entire movie budget through crowdfunding, it will give you a much needed head start.


The prospect of finding a person to invest in movies may seem like a daunting task to many. But with extensive networking, thorough research and targeting the right pool of investors, one can obtain adequate finance to materialize their project.