People with a high net worth do not encourage pitches from inexperienced movie makers primarily because of the high risk associated with movie production. Raising money for your film project is not easy but you can help yourself and use online trading with Orion Code to become a movie star.

Hence if you want people to invest in your project, you must successfully demonstrate that the rewards outweigh the risks. Below are some of the measures you can resort to for capturing the attention of prospective investors.

Ensure commercial appeal

It is important to have a story that can pull the crowds to the theaters. The plot must be “sell-able”. Hence if you are a first time filmmaker looking for investors, it is advisable to stay clear of few genres like drams. A movie high on action will find more investors than other genres.

Limit your budget

One of the most important factors that determine the success of the movie is the budget. As a general rule movie producers must get back 3 times the money they have invested in order to get a profit. Hence movies that are made on a fixed budget, attract more investors than high budget films.

Spend time on developing the script

If individual film makes only want to make art movies that are for a niche audience then attracting investors to finance those projects may be difficult.

In order to attract the attention of investors, filmmakers must develop scripts that have a wider appeal. They must dedicate sufficient amount of time writing and re writing the scripts until they arrive at something that has the potential of attracting eye balls.

Use trained actors

In order to cut costs, novice filmmakers employ inexperienced people to act in their movies. but this can be a dangerous move. Not only will their acting not be up to the mark but it will also not hold the attention of the investors.

Hence it is advisable to use trained actors as much as possible.

Get a celebrity on board

One does not need to have an A list Hollywood personality to make the movie famous. Filmmakers can add considerable value to their films by getting a local celebrity or singers or performance to make an important appearance in their movie.

Do not compromise on the production quality

Though this may seem obvious, but it is often overlooked. With the availability of many low budget cameras, even amateur filmmakers can equip themselves with great tools required for shooting their films.

By spending few extra dollars on trinkets, filmmakers can enhance their movie design. these trinkets can be sourced from any local hardware store and if maintained well, can be used in future productions as well.


By making merchandising as part of your strategy for recouping costs will also attract investors. Depending on the plot of the movie, filmmakers can opt for movie logos on T-shirts or caps or even merchandise the movie props.

Through merchandising, filmmakers can showcase their entrepreneurial spirit and gain trust of the investors.

Make use of tax incentives

The movie making business is not easy. Hence the government offers a number of subsidies and tax incentives. The incentives vary according to the location as every city/state has its own set of incentives.

Hence in today’s economic climate it is highly recommended to gather information about all the subsidies available before approaching investors.