The popularity of the Bitcoins is world-known, as the digital currency revolutionized the ways of the current monetary world with its futuristic principles like the decentralization, privacy, transparency, security and so on! With the availability of the simplistic ways, like the one mentioned in this source to earn them, their popularity has only soared sky-high and people are now eager to discover more things about it! Especially the fact that its founder is an anonymous person interest most of them and urge them to learn as much as facts about the creator possibly!

If you are also one among those eager ones, here go the interesting facts about this mysterious Bitcoin creator!

  • The creator of the Bitcoin is widely known as ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, which is not the name of a person but a pseudonym! Therefore, although the name sounds more of a man’s, the person can also be a female or surprisingly, a group or an organization, inarguably!
  • While the Bitcoin’s existence was well-known to the world only in the year 2009, roughly a year before, that is in 2008, Nakamoto published a nine-page whitepaper containing important information about the Bitcoin, referred to as the peer-peer electronic cash system! This is where the word Bitcoin made its first public appearance!
  • Immediately after the release of this white paper, Satoshi Nakamoto didn’t vanish! In fact, until 2011, he collaborated with other coders and investors to release the first Bitcoin’s software and, as well to discuss the ways to promote the Bitcoins and after which he suddenly vanished, without any warning!
  • While many of us might feel that his/her act is foolish and has caused only the losses, as the Bitcoins have reached an unshakable position in the world’s economy, remember, Nakamoto is that genius creator who created the concept of cryptocurrency and therefore, he/she knows how to act or move things in a profitable way! Yes, according to the Argentine researcher Sergio Demian Lerner, before vanishing Nakamoto was shrewd enough to accumulate more than $1 million Bitcoins, whose value could be now worth more than a whopping $5 Billion!
  • With so much of Bitcoins under Nakamoto’s control, he has the ability to influence the cryptocurrency market and eventually the financial market of the world, according to Matt Green, a cryptocurrency professor at the Johns Hopkin University!
  • Already we are aware of the prominent experts of the world in favor of Bitcoin’s supremacy in the future, where they believe it could become the unparalleled global currency, which only means Satoshi Nakamoto can probably become the richest person of the world in the near-future!
Some Interesting Facts About The Bitcoin’s Creator