The definition of the ideal weight is not the same for each person. There are various factors that need to be taken into consideration to calculate the ideal weight for an individual. Hence, it would be incorrect to compare the ideal weight of one person with another.

Some of the factors that can affect the ideal weight are age, sex, height, bone density, the ratio of muscle to fat, etc. This means that in order to be at your ideal weight, your weight must be in proportion to your gender and height.

Factors that cause weight gain:


  1. Genetic composition:

Some people have a tendency to gain weight more easily due to their genes. They may also have fat around the mid section that they might not be able to get rid of.

  1. Diet:

Diet directly impacts the amount of weight one gains. Having unhealthy and processed foods can cause undesirable weight gain. It is essential to have good quality food in the right quantity to avoid weight gain.

  1. Sleep:

It has been observed that the amount of sleep one gets and the weight of a person are closely linked. Usually, individuals who slept less had a tendency to weigh more than those who had a regular adequate sleep cycle.

Lack of sleep can affect hormones, which are responsible for controlling appetite.  Being awake also leads to eating more since there are more opportunities to eat.

  1. Lack of exercise:

Physical activity is required to keep weight under control. It also helps to reduce chances of heart disease, cancer, and other such diseases.

Why is it important to maintain ideal body weight?


Maintaining an ideal weight not only helps to improve fitness but also keeps your immunity high. It can prevent the onset of various health issues. If one is already battling with certain issues, maintaining a healthy body weight can control them and reduce the symptoms considerably.

Here are some ways that can aid in maintaining a healthy body weight:

  • Eat healthily and make the right food choices. Regulate the size of your food portions.

  • Avoid unprocessed foods and foods that have a high sugar, fat or calorie content. Also, limit the consumption of alcohol.

  • Increase your intake of fresh vegetables and fruits.

  • Undertake some form of exercise for at 30 minutes at least 3 times a week. Get active and spend lesser time in sedentary activities such as watching television.

  • Ensure you drink plenty of water and get least adequate sleep.

  • Some people may use products like Eco Slim to help in the weight loss journey. This combination of natural extracts works well by getting rid of excess calories.



An ideal weight is not impossible to achieve. All you would need is dedication and determination to make the right health and lifestyle choices.

Importance Of Maintaining Ideal Body Weight