When you have a back pain that just doesn’t let go, it can really take a toll on your health – both mental and physical.

Physical health is affected in obvious ways – you will nto be able to stand for long periods of time, your posture will be compromised. A long day at work will leave you with bad back aches, you won’t be able to participate in physically demanding activities, etc.

Mental health will be affected in not so obvious ways – Your level of confidence will be low as you won’t be able to take up anything physically challenging. You will be scared or worried about the pain and avoid many activities. You may not be able to go on trips that involve you to be physically active, thus affecting your relationships as well.

How To Combat It?

There are many ways one can combat the insistent back pain. here are some stretches to help you through:

Downward Dog – This is a Yoga pose that stretches your back to the full extent, when done right. This can be done at home or even at work as you don’t need much space. This pose will relieve your back of the stiffness and stretch your spine.

Toe Touch – Stand straight and bend from your hips to touch your toes with your hands. Ensure your knees are not bent. This will stretch both your back and your legs. This can be done sitting down as well. However, if you are at work and need a quick stretch, go for it in the standing position.

Lay Flat – Lay flat on the floor, on your back. Not on a bed or a mattress, lay down on the hard floor for a while. This may hurt your back but the flat rigid surface will do wonders to your back. Do this every day to feel the pressure on your back reduce.

No Time For Exercise.

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Get Rid Of That Back Pain