Case studies and role plays are some of the most popular teaching methods employed in many business schools. Sadly, people tend to forget what they have learnt in classrooms in a very short time.

But more often than not people are able recall dialogues and scenes enacted by their favorite movie stars. Though the reality depicted in movies may be embellished, the business deals portrayed are often close to reality. It’s like trading binary options instead of stocks – it’s easier. When trading, a software like Millionaire Blueprint could also guide your way.

Hence movies are another medium through which business students can learn to come up with indigenous ideas that will improve their problem solving skills in areas of finance, people management etc. Below is a list of 10 movies that every Business Management Student must watch.

Wall street

This movie has to sit on the top of your must watch list. The movie showcases the exciting journey of Gordon Gekko and shows how moral values are traded in order to become successful on the Wall Street.

With powerful dialogues like “the main thing about money is that it makes you do things you don’t want to do”, the wisdom imparted must be taken with a pinch of salt.

The Godfather

If you have not yet watched this timeless classic, then do so now! The movie is a 70 mm management book that educates people on the importance of building a strong network. It also shows why helping people can benefit you and your business.

And who can forget the famous dialogue “keep your friends close but your enemies closer”? The line itself summarizes the importance of keeping a tab on your competitors at all times.

Norma Rae

Labor relations can be a difficult topic to understand. But films like Norma Rae can take the boredom out of the topic and help students understand the role of labor unions.

The movie is an excellent portrayal of the grit and determination of a young woman working in a garment factory who gets involved in the activities of the labor union.

She fights tooth and nail to seek better working conditions after her health begins to deteriorate due to the poor work environment. The movie is based on the true life events of Crystal Lee Sutton.

It’s a Wonderful Life

Though the movie is an all time yuletide classic, it aptly portrays how banks and loans work and how families can get affected by such financial dealings. The movie teaches some important lessons like one cannot buy happiness even with all the money in the world.

The movie conveys another important message that true happiness cannot be derived from your job or business but it comes from the love of family and friends.

The Insider

The movie brings together two powerful actors together onscreen- Russell Crowe and Al Pacino. The protagonist of the movie has to choose between doing what is right or keep mum. The movie is a must watch as it depicts the conflict faced by many businessmen about of ethics and integrity.

Tucker : A Man and His Dream

If you are an entrepreneur in the making and looking for some inspiration to take the plunge, then this is the movie for you! Movies like these not only provide you with unforgettable inspiration but also give a glimpse into the life of an entrepreneur.