Best Crypto Currencies with Practical Use Cases

The list of cryptocurrency is increasing in the market. The first cryptocurrency is the bitcoin which is based on the decentralized blockchain technology. The existence of the scams in the coins is filtered out in the market. Let us see about the best cryptocurrencies which are having the functional, real and the effective

Cryptocurrencies with the practical use cases

  1. Bitcoin

It is called as the king of the cryptocurrency which is launched in 2009, by Satoshi. It found to be the alternative to the traditional system of banking. There is no need for the dependence of the banks, PayPal and any other financial institutions where there is more charging of fees for the transfer of money. Bitcoin has more value for the storage as that of the value of the gold, check this out in the market cap.

  1. Ripple

Ripple is called as the bank cryptocurrency which allows the users for the international payment to another user without the interference of the third party. The ripple is designed in such a way to adapt to the central banks, implemented on the infrastructures of the bank. International remittance problem is solved by the ripple.

  1. IOTA

IOTA is known as the internet of things which is the next generation of the digital world. In the internet growing world, the IOTA planned to be used worldwide. There is a change in the payment by the potential of the IOTA as it provides the transactions freely. It uses the different techniques called the tangle technology without using the blockchain technology.

  1. Siacoin

The hard drive space which is not in use is allowed by sia to rent it out and by this money is earned. Sia has the cloud platform storage as that of Google drive. Single point of the services is prone to the failure of the centralized storage services and there is also the misuse of the data for the higher profits. This technology is found to be practical and cheap.Sia has to be developed and there is a big challenge facing in the storage of the data. The main aim of the sia is to beat over the platform of the cloud storage. In the blockchain also there is a direct competitor for the sia .Sia has the encryption and the decentralization which is found to be the best one.

Best Crypto Currencies with Practical Use Cases